1. Favourite venue: Stones of The Yarra Valley

I would have to say my current favourite venue is the ‘Stones of The Yarra Valley’. Out of all the venues I have been to, I certainly think it is the most beautiful place for a wedding reception. The staff there are always incredibly accommodating to every one of the vendors that are present on the day. The event is always flawlessly organised and smooth. The rustic theme of the venue also fits in incredibly well with our video style.

Here is a video that we produced at the Stones:

2. Favourite lens: Voigtlander 25mm f 0.95

The lens my hands reaches for the most is with no doubt the ‘Voigtlander 25mm f 0.95’! Not only does it have a beautiful exterior with an all metal solid build, but if I were to talk in technical terms the reason would be the shots taken by these lens create depth of field that we need as a gh-4 shooter (micro 43 sensor). Was that too technical? ☺ Basically, these lens are equivalent to 50mm in full frame sensor which is the focal length that is most similar to a human’s eye enabling us to capture images and shots that create almost like a human ‘point of view’. Therefore, the results are natural and generic, which suits our style perfectly.

Image by Iconic Pictures

3. Favourite shoes: Hush Puppies

Aside from all my camera and lens equipment, let’s talk about something I probably consider being my best investment so far. My shoes! Working at a wedding means I need to dress up for the client’s occasion, but at the same time I need to feel comfortable with all that walking and even running around chasing that genuine moments. ‘Hush Puppies’ shoes is renowned for its comfort and as a wedding videographer it’s crucial to wear something comfortable and soft on your feet otherwise they will become sore by the end of the night. What I also love about these shoes other than comfort is that they look awesome, I love the colour, and you can never go wrong with brown leather shoes. Classic.


Image by Iconic Pictures

4. Favourite photographer: Loco Photography

Theo is one hell of a man! He is not only very experienced in wedding photography, but he is also very modern. Many photographers who have been capturing moments since the 90s usually just stick with photography styles in that era. However as I mentioned, Theo’s style is very contemporary and we have similar views on what we like to shoot. He is always a great company to be around hence make everyone in the bridal party very comfortable during the day. All the shots he takes are relaxed and natural, which is the style that seamlessly matches with ours.

Image by Loco Photography via Erin and Michael’s Sweet Flowerdale Estate Wedding

5. Favourite wedding so far: 

We haven’t done many Hispanic-background weddings), so it was awesome to see Oscar’s family tradition with the Mariachi band playing in the background. Living in Australia and being exposed to so many different cultures is beautiful especially when you see it at weddings. It is amazing how two different cultures are able to unite because of love, and that is exactly what happened in this wedding. I was able to capture it, Oscar who embraced Mexican culture and Athina who embraced her Greek culture, in their wedding video. Also the fact that Oscar cried almost every 2 hours expresses how much he loves his bride. It was just such a gorgeous and touching wedding to the point where I had a box of tissues on standby during editing.

Ms Polka Dot says: A list of favourites that makes the job more enjoyable. And there’s nothing like a comfortable pair of shoes to save the day.

About Iconic Pictures: This talented team adore making their couples laugh and cry (tears of the happy variety), and to be able to create ever-lasting memories of your special celebration is exactly why they love what they do.

Keeping your memories of your wedding day alive through the magic of the moving image is so different to your wedding day moments captured in a photograph. Each gives you something different, personal and emotional, and Tin Drum Photography and Cinematography can assist you with both mediums. From fleeting moments captured in still images, to the beauty of emotional vows being said, or the father/daughter dance captured on film, Leo and Roy are there to tell your wedding story. Let’s join them for a chat!

I like the name of your business! Does it have special significance?

The name came from the book that really moved us. “The Tin Drum” by Günter Grass. It is one of the enduring literary works of the twentieth century. If you haven’t read it yet, Read it Now!

How did you get into photography and cinematography? What are your professional backgrounds?

Roy: I started photographing weddings in 2011. I had 8 years of professional photography experience and 1-year photojournalism experience prior to entering into the wedding business.

Leo: I really love movies. I am mostly self taught, however studying cinematography and other elements of motion picture certainly lend a great deal of understanding.

 Why did you choose wedding photography and cinematography as a profession?

Because we love seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing life and other cultures. Being able to attend and witness the happiest moment of peoples lives, and having them a part of our lives.

What do you love about photographing weddings?

There is something very pure about it, to capture their love story and make something extraordinary for each couple.

How do your individual photography/cinematography styles complement each other?

It was great to have a pair of fresh eyes around and someone to bounce ideas off.

Is your strength as a team that you are able to offer both photography and cinematography to the bridal couple?

We have everything you need under one roof – which gives us the freedom to be able to create a truly timeless love story using still and moving images.

Are you able to offer this (photography & cinematography) as a package?

Yes, being experts in both photography and videography, we offer a number of fantastic dual packages to suit all taste and budgets.

What are the aspects of filming and photographing that you enjoy the most?

Capturing the soul of the bride and groom. Capturing the moments honestly and truthfully yet in an artistic way.

How would you describe your film style?

Honest, emotive, and always unique.

What intrigues you about the differences in the two mediums of film and still images?

Photos capture really precious memories and amazing moments at one point in time. But they can’t tell the same stories that films can.

 What is the most enjoyable aspect of editing the film from all the many scenes you’ve filmed?

Watching those little things that happened during the day, those unplanned moments again.

How would you describe your photography style?

Natural, organic, intimate.

Nature and the surroundings seem important in your photography. What are you trying to say, by making these shots important?

We create images based on the emotion, love, and mood we experience on the day. We are inspired by the beauty found in nature, that’s why we love using the natural elements in our photography. Telling stories of the couple and their relationship to the landscape and environment.

The service you offer is important to you. What does this mean for the bridal couple?

We provide our customers with an unparalleled service experience. From tailoring the perfect wedding package to suit their needs, to creating the handcrafted albums and custom videos. We will personally assist our customers with every step. We will make sure that their vision and requests are perfectly matched to the very best Tin Drum’s services.

You only do a limited number of weddings a year. How far ahead should couples book your services?

Most people book a venue first and then other suppliers. We have been booked as far in advance as two years. If you know you’ve found the photographer/videographer you want, don’t wait! Book as far ahead as you can!

How long does it take you to prepare a film or photographs for the bride and groom to take home?

Photo editing will generally be completed approximately 10 weeks after your wedding. Most wedding films are complete in 12 weeks.

Is handing over your finished work one of the best parts of the job?

Yes. Customer’s satisfaction is the best awards given to us as wedding photographer and videographer! There is nothing better than knowing our customers love the photos and videos we worked so hard to capture during their wedding day.

 How do celebrate the end of the working week?

Roy: Go see live music or visit art galleries.

Leo: Night out with friends.

Your favourite things about living in Melbourne?

Roy: The coffee, the markets and the street art.

Leo: The unpredictable weather! LOL

Thank you Roy and Leo for sharing your story. Nothing can beat looking at your wedding day images – and a film of your day adds an extra dimension to the recording your special day. To find out more about Tin Drum Photography & Cinematography visit the website.

Headshot courtesy of Tin Drum Photography & Cinematography.


Katherine’s ‘something blue’ for her wedding day was the bluest-of-blue skies in the Blue Mountains in Sydney. The weather made everyone happy, including our wedding cinematographer, who filmed countless beautiful scenes of Katherine and Guy in front of a breathtaking canvas of grassy fields and flourishing trees at Seclusions wedding venue in Rydal.

Of course, the backdrop couldn’t match the beauty of the bride, or the happiness of the day.

Ms ZigZag says: What a perfect blue sky day for the happy couple. I’m so thrilled that Katherine and Guy will be taken straight back to the emotion of this day every time they watch it! 

About Marry Me Movies: As wedding cinematographers we don’t just ‘video your wedding’, we capture priceless moments and memories. We use cinematic quality imagery combined with a documentary style of storytelling to create a spellbinding wedding film. A ‘forever film’ that will ignite memories and infuse magic into any moment of any day, for the rest of your days – allowing you to fall in love again and again.