With a British background, Emma and Matt wanted to show off the beauty of country Australia to their wedding guests. Their Dunkeld country wedding was the most beautiful way to invite their loved ones not only into their own private love story, but also their love story with the incredible country side. Looking back on the planning of their big day, Emma has some practical advice to share with engaged couples who are getting married on a long weekend in the country…

Emma says: “Looking back I do remember a couple of things that I wish I had thought of beforehand.

1. Organising/booking a wedding on a public holiday weekend (in our case Easter weekend) remember to take in/consider the additional costs/expenses for those suppliers you will be using on your big day.

2. Consider the distance that your guests will need to travel on the day and also the distance for your suppliers. A couple of incurred costs which we did not take into consideration was due to the distance that our suppliers had to travel to make our weekend, some do require overnight accommodation.”

Photographer: Circular Ink

My dress was created by the super talented Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino from J’Aton Couture for our ‘New York Chic’ Wedding (that was actually held in Melbourne, Australia). I have always loved their work and am always in awe of everything they create.


Before I met with them, I went to a few different bridal designers around Melbourne to get an idea of what styles I liked and what suited me, and what didn’t. When I had my initial consultation at J’Aton, I still didn’t really know what I wanted but after a brief discussion, Jacob sketched me up a design in front of my eyes and I was so impressed and happy to run with it.

From then on, I basically just left it all up to ‘The Boys’ to design my gown. I loved how it was always a work in progress so it was always a surprise, even to me, and it was so beautiful and special watching my gown evolve during each fitting. My gown was made out of organza and mesh with Valentino lace embroidery cut out and strategically applied all around the bodice and neckline, with cameo appearances on the skirt. I had a long train with ‘WJ’ embroidered at the end of it which could be seen when the dress was both down and bustled up. J’Aton Couture truly are the masters of their craft!


I was also given extra lace and organza that was used in my dress so my Grandma could make four pocket squares for the four most important men in my life, to wear on our wedding day. Wes, my father, my grandfather and my father-in-law all wore a small piece of my dress in their pockets and have a sentimental gift to keep.




See Justina’s outstanding dress in all its glory in Jus and Wes’ wedding video here:

Ms Zigzag Says: Truth be told, Jus is actually one of my good friends! Unfortunately we didn’t know each other well at the time of the wedding so I never got to see Jus wearing her beautiful J’aton Couture dress, but it was a pleasure learning about all of the intricate details through this post.

About Justina: Hi, I’m Justina and I’m happily married to my beautiful husband!  I love traveling, trying new things, flowers, fashion and champagne! French wine, friends and family are at the top of the list too!

Photographer: Ben Swinnerton

Sarah and Sugata’s colourful Mildura wedding epitomises the relaxation and fun that a backyard DIY wedding is all about. Without having to worry about venue restrictions, coordinating details with endless vendors and all of the other stress that comes with throwing a huge event, Sarah and Sugata could really hone in on what was most important to them.

Sarah has this advice to share with our engaged couples: “Have a great time, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember it’s not just a wedding, it’s a marriage for life.

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Photographer: Harvard Wang